Buy One, Get One Free Offers Found near Fort Lauderdale for the Summer

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You decide to splurge a little with your family this year. You go kayaking, diving, or maybe you watch a movie. You have so much fun that you want to go again! Unfortunately, you really cannot afford a second go around. Here are some ways you can soak up the summer fun in Fort Lauderdale and enjoy buy one, get one free specials so you can go more than once without having to pay for a second time.

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex

The Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex is the name of a public recreational swimming facility. Admission is $5, but they have a summer special going on. Every time you purchase an admission, you will get a second admission for free.

Fort Lauderdale Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Taking a stand up paddle lesson is always fun, but it would be more fun if you could bring someone with you. Unfortunately, you might not find someone who can pay $45 to enjoy a two hour lesson with you. Lessons are currently available as part of the two for one summer specials. This means you could treat your friend or family member to a free lesson or you could split the cost of the single admission.

Sawgrass Mills Coupon Book

Sawgrass Mills is the name of a coupon book that contains coupons that add up to hundreds of dollars in savings and discounts. Right now you can use your 2 for 1 summer savings card to get one of these coupon books for free!

These are just a few of the two for one summer deals scattered all over Fort Lauderdale. Thanks to these deals you do not have to feel like your summer was limited for financial reasons.

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