10 Questions a Seller Must Ask a Real Estate Agent

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Choosing a Professional Real Estate Agent will result in a higher sales price in a shorter time on the market.

10 Questions a Seller Must Ask Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent

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1. How long have you been an active full time Realtor?  How much education have you received? Ask the agent what credentials and designations they have received. Experience and continuing education typically make for better agents. Consider the difference between a part-time real estate agent who sells a few properties for friends and relatives and someone who treats it as a full-time business. A part time Realtor cannot provide the level of service that a full time Professional Agent who is doing this day in and day out can provide.

2. Pricing Advice

The most important conversation you will have with your agent is about the price of your home. The Realtor® you choose should present you with a comprehensive market analysis that compares similar homes that are on the market, have sold recently and have been taken off the market.

At what price do you think my house will sell in the current market? And why?

This will give you an understanding of the agent’s knowledge of the market and their thought process in pricing your home, the most important decision you’ll have to make. An experienced Realtor will refer to the recent market data, the current pool of comparable homes on the market, and your home’s condition and amenities in giving you an answer. If they rely solely on a value based on Zillow or any computer generated home value … run, run, as fast as you can. You are paying for your Realtor®’s knowledge and expertise, so listen carefully to the advice you receive and choose your agent thoughtfully.

3.    What will it cost me to sell this property? Buyers often don’t pay commission directly, but sellers often do and the costs can vary from agent to agent. Ask what will it cost me to sell this property? Also ask for a breakdown of estimated closing costs. If you get someone who’s charging less, you are likely to receive reduced services and marketing as a result of the agent’s reduced commission? As we all know, it costs money to run a full time business and always remember the adage, you get what you pay for. A successful agent will usually not reduce their commission and my recommendation is you only want an agent that is not going to cut corners or the marketing and advertising of your home.

4.Request that the agent provides you with a list of clients and phone numbers that you can contact. Do you have a personal website and a blog? Ask for their company website as well.

An agent’s website is an important marketing tool. Take the time to visit the sites that they give you to get a sense of the agent and the brand. We suggest that you should ask where your property will be listed and how many websites the agent participates in. Will the agent list the property on his or her YouTube channel or Facebook page too?

5.    Photography

Do you use a professional Photographer? How many photos will you use in our listing? A minimum of 45 should be used. Will you shoot a video? Will the video include aerial photography use of a drone? Videos are important and will help organic SEO ranking.

6.    How many sellers are you representing now?

This question is a bit tricky. As a Luxury home Seller you want an agent that is active and yet not so active that they will not have the necessary time to be present at every showing, communicate weekly or more frequently market and showing updates. Stay on top of all aspects of the Buying and Selling Process. An agent that has very little business will likely not have the budget to market your home properly nor the knowhow. Also ask who will be your main point of contact, because some busy real estate agents use a team of assistants or sub-agents to handle day-to-day tasks, and you may not have direct access to the agent you choose. If the agent has a team, be sure to meet the entire team so you know who will be representing you to the public. I think it is an important question to ask so you can evaluate the agent and their team member.

7. Request a Written:

  • Action Plan
  • Marketing and Advertising Plan
  • Agent, Local Office and Global Corporate affiliation deliverables

8. Ask for the Agent’s advice regarding the condition of your home? Do you have expertise as a home stager or do you recommend that I hire a professional stager?

9. Will you provide me with regular feedback and written updates about potential buyers and provide regular market updates?

10. What haven’t I asked you that I need to know?

If you have additional questions or would like to speak to one of the Leading Professional Real Estate Agents in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area please give the One Sotheby’s International Realty-Kedersha Group and Eileen Kedersha a Call at 954-561-4100 or email: [email protected]http://www.sfloridaluxuryhomes.com/10-Questions-a-Seller-Must-Ask-Before-Choosing-a-Real-Estate-Agent

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