The Best Unhealthy Food in Fort Lauderdale

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Fried ChickenSometimes a grilled chicken salad just won’t cut it and you need something greasy, full of calories and delicious. Fort Lauderdale has many great restaurants ready to provide an indulgent dish ready to please your taste buds. Whether you’re after fried chicken or the perfect cheese steak, you can find it here.

Famous Phi’s Sub Shop

If you want the real Philly cheese steak, you need to stop in at Famous Phil’s. This is one of the best cheese steaks you will find in the entire state. It starts with a 12-inch bun, which is piled with thin-sliced rib eye, mushrooms, peppers, onions, provolone cheese and spaghetti sauce. The best part, you can get one for under $10.

Bay Bay’s Chicken and Waffles

A great place for the southern fried chicken you’ve been craving, Bay Bay’s will provide everything you could imagine. The waffles are great, but the signature chicken is amazing here. It’s an old family recipe with a blend of spices ready to please your mouth.

Mojo Donuts

Ditch the egg white and spinach omelet and get a delicious donut at Mojo. This donut shop is the perfect place for tasty fried dough covered in warm sugar and perfectly cooked bacon. Yes, they serve donuts with bacon on them and they are delicious.

Kapow! Noodle Bar

It may not seem like the right place for incredible chicken wings because of the name, but this is the best place for chicken wings. With some of the best fried food in the city, you can indulge in wings with four different sauces and many other Vietnamese-style treats here.


This is actually a food truck and they serve the absolute best hot dog in the city. It’s a Sabrett hot dog made with 100% beef and there’s no better dog anywhere in the city.

Taco Prince

Burritos are the perfect way to indulge and Taco Prince provides the best burrito in the city. They actually serve a burrito with French fried in it, along with many other choices.

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