Choosing the Best Real Estate Representative

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Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent to present and market your home to a local and global audience will make a difference. Real Estate Agents are Not All the Same.

Most people know an agent in their community or may be of the belief that the agent with the most listings is the best agent to select. May we suggest for your consideration, that your selection criteria should include the agent and office that has the most effective written marketing and Advertising Plan, the most recognized Luxury Brand that Buyers know and recognize and the most Internet buyer traffic? This will assure the most exposure which in turn will attain the highest price in the shortest period of time? Your selection will be much easier if you view and compare the “Written” plans from the agents that you decide to interview. Selling luxury homes requires more than using traditional methods such as including your home in a Multiple Listing Services and hoping some agent will find a buyer or local newspaper advertising. It is important that an agent not limit the exposure of your luxury home to conventional methods. Please consider the new norm, Buyers of luxury homes today are not simply on the lookout for luxury properties for sale; rather, they are actually looking for luxury homes, which can support the kind of lifestyle that they live. This actually makes the job of real estate agents more challenging. An agent must have resources and tools that will place their listings where buyers are most likely to look. Sotheby’s has recently completed a study that reflects over 50% of all home searches are based on a lifestyle filtering. Sotheby’s is the leader in Lifestyle Home Searches and one of the first Companies to make available to Buyers the ability to search for homes based upon their “Lifestyle”.

An agent’s affiliation will determine the agent’s ability to reach targeted Buyers. It is a clear benefit to a homeowner selling their home that their home is represented by an Office and Brand that buyers clearly recognize as a Luxury Brand. The Brand should stand out as a
leader in Luxury as well as Luxury Real Estate. Sotheby’s has maintained the leading Luxury Brand, worldwide since 1744. Shouldn’t your home be represented and presented by the leading Luxury Brand?

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