Fort Lauderdale Area May Single Family Market Sales Data

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Fort Lauderdale Area May Single Family Market Sales Data: $500k-$1.0m
. As we discussed in last month’s newsletter, technology and information availability regarding real estate has improved significantly.  Fort Lauderdale Single Family homes’ May 2010 Median price was $715,000 up a modest 2%. May sales data in the condo beach area suggests a weakness in sales. May 2010 Median price reflects a reduction of 13% from May, 2009 which was $885,000; May 2010’s median price was $767,000. Keeping abreast of market trends is beneficial to both buyers and sellers in establishing fair market values. In a depreciating market a seller should consider the monthly depreciating percentage and factor that into the asking price. The old adage: don’t chase a depreciating market is good advice. Not utilizing sales data can result in large, unnecessary losses. Knowing where to look for sales data, how to interpret the data, choosing the correct criteria to establish an accurate valuation will save thousands. It is our belief that both buyers and sellers should carefully select a professional real estate agent such as Eileen Kedersha, in business for over 25 years and a leading Real Estate Agent in Fort Lauderdale. Eileen and The Kedersha Group have the knowledge, tools and technology to take advantage and leverage the information available to the benefit of their client. Many of us have heard that “Knowledge is Power”, however this is only partially true; more specifically we believe that the “USE of Knowledge is Power”. Please visit our website, which is filled with valuable information,

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Detailed Fort Lauderdale May 2010 Single Family Home Sales Data

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