Helpful Home Buyer Check List

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Helpful Home Buyer Check List to Remember Before and Immediately After Closing on Your New Home

Weston, FL

Weston, FL

  1. Change the locks
  2. Change the garage door opener codes
  3. Notify the Utility Company to change the account information to your name
  4. Set up an annual service contract for heating and air conditioning unit servicing
  5. Check to see if your property is assessed at the correct value
  6. Keep copies of closing documents to refer to when it comes time to sell or refinance the home
  7. Hire a cleaning crew to clean the home before you move in
  8. Write a list of upgrades/updates that you would like for your new home
  9. Review where electric, gas and water shutoffs are located
  10. Be aware you will be receiving junk mail now that you are a new homeowner
  11. Place yourself on the Government Do Not Call List
  12. Kedersha Group Complimentary list of local service venders
  13. File mortgage exemption forms
  14. Clean vents and dryers cleaned
  15. Ask FPL to complete an energy audit be done on the home
  16. Online Energy Audit
  17. Summary of FPL Rates, Commercial and Residential
  18. Change washing machine hoses
  19. Pay your mortgage on time
  20. Do you qualify for the Florida Homestead

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