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Creating Global Connections

Our marketing strategy is all about making impressions worldwide. It’s about creating global connections and establishing true consumer engagement.


It’s about leveraging exposure, innovation and international impact to showcase the listings our network represents to a broad audience of consumers that value the unique. To create a true global impact that has delivered over 506 million impressions through innovative programs and carefully selected partners with iconic international brands that have been carefully chosen based on their ability to effectively deliver reach, frequency, as well as distribution. To better understand the depth of our marketing dominance in the luxury markets, please take the time to view the videos and presentations found in our site. We promise that YOU will be glad you took the time.

Media Partners Power Marketing benefits from reach and frequency. Our media partners have been carefully chosen based on their ability to effectively deliver reach, frequency, as well as distribution.

The core of our media strategy positions property photography front and center on multiple digital platforms in order to engage the online consumer. The cumulative effect of our brand marketing.




Local and Global Advertising, including Proprietary Relationships with the World’s Leading Print and Digital Companies

We advertise in the most important luxury publications and digital providers. Enhanced through the Sotheby’s International Realty Cooperative Advertising programs, including notable titles that provide targeted exposure to local and vast global markets. Names such as: the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Sotheby’s At Auction, Country Life, and more.

View our 2012 Co-op Advertising Brochure



Trends Magazine

Trends Magazine is a semi-annual, comprehensive study of South Florida real estate market activity from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, including in-depth data analysis by neighborhood.

View the TRENDS 2011: Year in Review
View the TRENDS 2011: Mid-Year Update
View the TRENDS 2010: Year in Review



Our Collections book showcases our most exceptional listings and is designed with full-page property advertisements. Landing in several Sotheby’s Auction Houses, Collections is also taken to any event sponsored by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty both nationally and globally. Copies of Collections have traveled to London, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. This exclusive property book is created semi-annually and delivered to an exclusive international audience that is nearly impossible to reach with traditional advertising.

View the Collections Winter 2012 / Spring 2013

View the Collections Summer 2012



Small photos make small impressions. Our “Impressions” direct mail foldout poster is based on this concept of “less is more.” Using one distinctly large property photo and minimal copy, Impressions is designed to let our properties speak for themselves. This poster is directly mailed to over 20,000 homes throughout Broward and Dade counties.

View the Impressions Fall 2011

View the Impressions Winter 2011


Additional Marketing Tools


These are but a few samples of our print marketing. We have a talented in-house creative team to ensure the quality of every ad. To see our latest pieces please go to our Group Advantage page.

[/mrt_tab][mrt_tab tab=2] According to a 2009 NAR survey 90% of buyers utilize the internet to find their home. Therefore, it is essential to not only be on the Internet but to stand out as the source of information for those who seek unique homes that equal their lifestyle.

Here’s a sample of what your home may recieve

We’ve done the research. We’ve consulted the experts. We’ve spared no expense in our pursuit to ensure that your home has the best web exposure possible. Here’s just a sample of features:

  • Local info for each listing: Restaurants, schools, etc.
  • Market stats (coming soon)
  • Better user experience
  • Individual statistics tracked for each homeseller
  • Instant notification of price changes and new listings
  • Optimized for the iPad and mobile devices
  • More Community info
  • Engaging Area Videos





A picture is worth a thousand words. According to research from the National Association of Realtors, 98% of home buyers who searched for a home online said photos were among the most useful features of real-estate websites. The core of our media strategy positions property HD photography front and center on multiple digital platforms in order to engage the online consumer.


Want your property to really make an impression? We can create websites for each individual property, utilizing high-quality photography and excellent design to show off your home. Bragging rights included.

View our property websites:


Top Search Engine Placement

We work diligently to make sure our site is placed in the top results for the most prominent search terms regarding South Florida luxury real estate. Our visibility is organic, not the paid banners that people skip over.

Social Media Exposure

Our social media outlets are buzzing with activity. Whether it’s South Florida’s top realtors coming together on our YouTube channel, or our breaking market updates on Twitter, we keep potential buyers engaged and coming back for more. See what we’re up to:


Worldwide Syndication

Properties listed at $1.5M (USD) and above qualify to participate in our exclusive Global Distribution program. This option is automatically offered to you during your brochure creation process on our Product Studio. If you choose to participate, you can select from the five options available – full global distribution, international only, U.S. distribution only, U.S. east distribution or U.S. west. Each one of these options also includes distribution to select Auction House locations around the world where 2 brochures will be automatically sent for inclusion into specially designed brochure racks.

Additional Web Tool Options

Many of our tools are built specifically to make The Kedersha Group better equipped and more efficient than the competition. Spend some time with one of them and you’ll see just what we’re talking about. We are constantly pushing to innovate. Our team is working to add new features and tools as you read this. All of these features, combined with the power of the The Kedersha Group and the ONE Sotheby’s International Realty brand, take our real estate marketing to the next level.

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ONE Sotheby’s International Realty has been commited to leading the charge into the fastest growing platform to market your home. Our app remains the only local iPad app in South Florida. We invite you to try it for yourself and see huge advantage this gives our clients and associates.


In addition to our iPad app, our website is optimized to work on all tablets. If you are visiting our site on a smart phone youe will see a site specificly made for your device. Our technology guarantees that not matter what a potential buyer is using they will be able to receive the same experience that they would get sitting at their laptop.


With 50% of all searches being done on a mobile device, handing out MLS sheets seems absolutely archaic. ONE Sotheby’s International Realty has the only iPad viewing application in South Florida. Don’t have an iPad? no problem, our associates will be happy to equip you with one for your touring notes while looking at property. You will love the view!

Download our iPad app here



When you visit our site on your phone it automatically detects what kind of phone you are using and serves you a site specifically designed just for your phone. This is not a shrunken version of our main site but a site the utilizes the features of you phone. Use your phones GPS to get driving directions to your home, push to call an associate, and so much more.

View demo



We are proud to employ QR or Quick Response Codes on many of our advertising vehicles. QR codes will direct interested parties to a specific mobile friendly website to gather more information about the property being promoted allowing our ads to generate realtime response for our associates and clients.



Ever visit a neighborhood and wonder “What kind of homes are for sale here?”. With your our mobile apps all it takes is the click of a button to answer that exact question. It’s really that easy.

This tool allows our clients to explore different neighborhoods while still staying in touch with available homes for sale at all times.



Exposure of your home to all corners of the globe and to all web-capable devices through a precisely orchestrated digital marketing effort that includes online advertising with the most respected media partners and search engines from around the globe.


This is evolving technology whose impact will continue on how homes are sold. We have especially seen its influence grow in global real estate markets.
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Extensive Global Access

Nearly 60% of real-estate sales in the Greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale area last year were to overseas buyers.

At ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, we don’t believe in sitting back and waiting for buyers to find us. We believe in action – actively seeking the right clients for our listings.

South Florida Week

2010 and 2011 marked the start of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty’s global expansion. During the past two years, we have taken “We speak their language” to a whole new level. We have coordinated numerous international events to promote our exclusive developments and portfolio of luxury properties. During these aptly-named “Miami Weeks” agents from the company traveled around the globe to meet and greet other Sotheby’s affiliates. They coordinated trainings and seminars providing updates about the Miami market, they hosted special cocktail events and most importantly met one-on-one with pre-qualified clients interested in buying in Miami. The results? A continuous flow of referrals from our international affiliate offices.


With South Florida currently serving as a very strong market for Brazilians, agents from ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in South Florida decided to travel a week to Sao Paulo to meet with prospective clients. South Florida has buyers from all over world, however, since the second quarter of 2010 the Brazil market has become one of the strongest in South Florida. The cost of living is increasing in Brazil, making South Florida a very attractive market. To take best advantage of this opportunity, a group of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty agents coordinated a trip to Sao Paulo (June 13th to the 17th, 2011), which was sponsored by several South Florida real estate developers. The agents spent the first day training the Brazil, Sao Paulo SIR team on the South Florida market and how the real estate process works, then had approximately 50 back to back client meetings the remainder of the week. As a result of the success, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty also coordinated similar events in Argentina and Peru.

Argentina & Peru

Since “South Florida Week” in Brazil was such a success we decided to implement the same model in Argentina and Peru. In the fall of 2011 agents from ONE Sotheby’s International Realty traveled to Buenos Aires and Lima to host “South Florida Week.” During the five-day events, agents hosted a press conference in each city where they were interviewed about the recent trends in the South Florida marketplace. Reporters featured cover stories in La Nacion, La Gestion and El Commercio about the international demand in SOUTH FLORIDA particularly from South American countries. The agents had the opportunity to meet with local real estate associates and potential clients to present various properties.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate opened it doors in October 2010 and agents from ONE Sotheby’s International Realty were there to celebrate the inauguration. During that same week, the Sotheby’s Auction House hosted their annual Autumn Sales Preview & Exhibition in the Hong Kong Convention Centre. Agents from ONE Sotheby’s, not only had the opportunity to attend the local affiliate’s grand opening event, but they were also able to participate and exhibit their properties in a Sotheby’s booth during the Auction House events that attracted more than 20,000 local visitors.
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Our collaboration with the Sotheby’s Auction House includes multiple opportunities to have our brand and your listings exposed to clients of the Auction House through &

Download our PDF showing the advantages of the site Click Here

To those who value the unique, Sotheby’s International Realty is the local real estate services provider that offers unrivaled access to qualified people and distinctive properties around the world.

The most knowledgeable Professional Agents dedicated to marketing luxury homes locally and worldwide. We are experienced with our local community and are ready to assist you in discreetly selling or buying your home. To those who value the unique, Sotheby’s International Realty is the real estate services provider that offers unrivaled access to qualified people and distinctive properties around the world. Sotheby’s International Realty is always thought of first when sophisticated and savvy individuals begin the buying or selling process of their unique home.

Our worldwide network of over 475 offices are uniquely qualified to set the right price for the homes they list, better equipped to market those homes, and more likely to find clientele engaged in the home buying or selling  process in a shorter period of time. That experience and education also means they are better qualified to find the right home for any buyer. The buying or selling process can be a daunting task. But with our expertise, buyers and sellers can rest easy and thanks to our global network and stellar reputation, it’s no wonder people turn to Sotheby’s International Realty for their Luxury Real Estate needs.



Sotheby’s International Realty – Worldwide Marketing


Our 2012 media strategy is designed to deliver 506 million impressions in an effort to drive incremental brand awareness and direct leads to our network members.Interactive. Accessible. Engaging.

Waterfront Luxury Listings


This past year Sotheby’s International Realty launched a new website featuring only the best in waterfront listings from around the world, including properties from the Kedersha Group in Fort Lauderdale.


2013 Sotheby’s Realty Calendar


Our listing at 2900 Coral Ridge was featured in the Sotheby’s calendar this year, our phenomenal photography is in full display.


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Working with the Kedersha Group


When you look for discreet, sophisticated and professional quality real estate service, look to the Kedersha Group and One Sotheby’s International Realty, the Luxury Real Estate Leaders. You can depend on us to make the sale or purchase of your home as effortless and seamless as possible, we have been doing it for over 30 Years. You will quickly notice why the rich simplicity of our yard signs, the unique marketing material, abundant advertising and worldwide offices sell more luxury homes. We welcome your inquiry and are confident that after one meeting with us you will understand the difference that Sotheby’s International Realty offers.

Please feel free to use this website as a resource for all your Fort Lauderdale Area real estate needs, and if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to assist you, just give us a call today!