Plugging into a New Church Community in Fort Lauderdale

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ChurchMoving is hard, stressful and often makes you feel alone in your new city. Whether you’re moving to Fort Lauderdale because of a job transfer, for new opportunity or just because you want to feel the sunshine on your face nearly every day of the year, connecting with a new church can help you feel more at home. It doesn’t matter what denomination you practice, there’s a new church in the area for you.

What does a church provide?

More than just a place to worship, a church provides a community of people with similar interests. Most churches provide programs for both adults and kids, which can help you plug into your new community. Yes, meeting new people and joining a new church is scary, but that feeling goes away quickly, once you start getting involved.

If you used to be a part of a church in your old hometown, finding a new church in Fort Lauderdale will help you feel more at home.

Fort Lauderdale is full of churches ranging from Baptists to Catholic to Christian and everything in between. Here are a few of the many churches in the area.

  • 7th Day Adventist Church – 2500 NW 15th Court, 441 SW 27th Avenue and 850 Davie Boulevard
  • Abiding Savior Lutheran Church ELCA – 1900 SW 35th Avenue
  • Agape Church of God – 1317 NE 4th Avenue
  • All Saints Episcopal Church – 333 Tarpon Drive
  • Baptist Urich – 540 NW 4th Avenue
  • Bible Church of Gold – 2862 NW 6th Street
  • Calvary Presbyterian Church – 796 SW 6th Street
  • Faith Christian Fellowship Church – 1725 NW 38th Avenue
  • Saint John The Baptist Catholic Church – 4595 Bayview Drive
  • Saint John United Methodists Church – 1520 NW 5th Street

These are just a few of the many churches found throughout Fort Lauderdale. With over 150 different churches, covering just about every denomination, there’s certainly a new church home waiting for you.

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