Are You Ready to Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Home?

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PaintingChoosing the right color to paint the interior and exterior of your home can be tricky. Every situation is a bit different. If you plan to live in your home for decades, your choices may be different compared to someone only planning to stay in their current home for a few more years. Here are a few tips to use when choosing your new paint colors.

Could You be Putting Your Home on the Market Soon?

If your future in the home isn’t certain, you may not want to choose bright, vibrant colors. Maybe you know you could be relocated for your job and you may have to sell your home within the next five years. If this is the case, choose neutral colors because these will be recommended when you stage your home for sale. Remember, if your situation becomes more permanent you can always paint over a neutral color.

What if You’re Staying Put?

Those with the security of knowing they won’t be moving for many years have all types of colors they can choose from. The best way to start this decision-making process is with a smaller accent wall in the room. Choose a color and get a sample of the color from your local hardware store. Then, paint the smaller wall and see how you like it. It’s much easier to repaint one small wall than trying to repaint a room if you don’t like it.

You don’t want to buy all the paint you need until you’re sure. Sometimes it only takes one small area of the wall to see whether you like the color.

Consider the Lighting of the Room

Paint always looks different on the sample swatches and in the store than it will in your home. Lighting plays a big part in this and you want to consider the lighting of the room before choosing the color. If the room has quite a bit of natural light, a more natural tone can help to bring out the light even more. However, if the room doesn’t receive much natural light, a brighter color may bring a little life to your room.

Take your time and make sure you choose the right colors for your home. Consider your situation and the taste of everybody in the family. It may be wise to allow kids to choose their own room colors, within reason, especially if you just moved into a new home.

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