There’s Still Time to Enjoy the Tony Hawk Rad Science Exhibit

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One of the most popular exhibits to come to the Museum of Discover & Science is the Tony Hawk Rad Science Exhibit. This is an interactive set of exhibits combining science and skateboarding into a fun time for adults and children. If you’ve ever been curious of the use of gravity, velocity, balance and force used in action sports, this is the exhibit for you.

Some of the exhibits found within this exhibit include:

  • Bodacious Board Balance – Tests your balance during tricks, such as “grinding” and “manuals.”
  • Board Drop – Shows the science behind the free fall.
  • Weight vs. Mass – Find out how a skateboard changes your weight and mass.
  • Radical Trick Breakdown – A super slow motion video shows you the breakdown of the most common tricks in skateboarding.
  • Create-a-Skate – The science behind the engineering, design and accessorizing of the actual board.
  • Energy Skate Shop – Shows you how a skateboard is easily made with six machines.

There are 25 total interactive exhibits and it will take you a few hours to get through them, at least. This is a one of a kind exhibit at the museum and is available until September 2nd.

Tickets, Times and Location

The Tony Hawk Rad Science Exhibit is found at the Museum of Discover & Science & Autonation IMAX, which is located at 401 SW 2nd Street in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Admission for adults is $14 with a $1 discount for seniors. Children ages two to 12 get in for $12. The exhibit is available Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and on Sundays from 12pm to 6pm. Time is running out, but you still have a couple weeks to come out and see this awesome combination of action sports and science.

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