Tips for Relocation to Fort Lauderdale

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MovingDid you visit the Fort Lauderdale area and fall in love with the beaches and climate? This happens all the time and causes many to move to this part of South Florida. If you’re planning to move to Fort Lauderdale, you may need a little help. Here are some relocation tips to help make your move easier.

Choosing a Neighborhood

Fort Lauderdale is home to 60 neighborhoods and they are all a little bit different. From the excitement of downtown to a location a bit lower key, such as Victoria Park, there are a number of great choices for your new home.

Finding the right neighborhood to fit your specific needs is important. It will make settling in the new area much easier for you and will allow you to feel more at home.

Car Registration

If you’re moving from outside of Florida, the cost of switching your car registration may shock you. Florida doesn’t have an income tax, but they make up for it with the price of registering your vehicle. You have 30 days, after relocating, to switch your registration over to Florida. Expect to spend at least $350 for your registration.

Getting a Job

Moving to Fort Lauderdale without a job already lined up can be a bit stressful. You may have a specific timeline before you need to find a job. If you work in the tourism industry, you’ll have a number of options, but many other industries are not quite as big. Start your search as soon as possible and even before you arrive.

Hiring a Moving Company

Maybe you own a large house currently and you need to move everything for a new job, for retirement or any other reason. If this is the case, a moving company may be the right choice for you. It may be a bit expensive compared to doing it yourself, but hiring a moving company will save you time and take away some of the stress.

Use these tips and understand something will probably not go as planned when relocating. Expect something to go wrong and you will deal with it easier as the process of moving unfolds.

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