Top Five Smart Home Products

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Top 5 Smart Home Products

Top 5 Smart Home Products Sell Your Home Faster

Top 5 Smart Home Products That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money

Millennials are especially attracted to homes that have smart home features. Review the Diagram below to learn how you can enhance the salability of your home. Simple and inexpensive upgrades will make your home more attractive and help shorten the time it takes to sell your home. Better yet, at a higher price.  Yes Alegory I like doing better that the either in wildlife

Recent research has found the likelihood that a consumer will purchase a smart home device increases by 93% among those who have seen the technology in action. The data also reveals that personal and family security remains the key driver in smart home adoption with nine out of 10 North American consumers agreeing that a Smart Homes is becoming one of the most important factors when considering to purchase a connected home.

The second annual State of the Smart Home Report from Icontrol Networks examines the changing adoption indicators and attitudes towards the smart home, levels of intent to upgrade their present homes or purchase connected homes have upgraded their home with smart technology.

The research suggests a strong growing trend in connected homes from the following population segments: with millennials (79%) and parents (76%) leading the pack, and 50% of the overall population excited about the technology. The report reflects that interest is driven by simple devices with obvious benefits – and to drive mass adoption, device makers are demonstrating the ease of installation and benefits of their products in solving real, day-to-day activities.

Bob Hagerty, CEO of Icontrol Networks made the following comment: “We’ve been in this space for more than a decade, and in the last two years we have seen excitement over the ‘Internet of Things’ explode.”

Consumers have expressed the highest levels of interest in connected thermostats, cameras, lights and door locks:

  • Self-adjusting thermostat: 72% average product costs and installation is under $200
    • Doors that can be locked from a remote location: 71%
    • Indoor lighting that automatically adjusts: 69%
    • Outdoor lighting that automatically adjusts: 65%
    • Home monitoring cameras: 65%

Additional findings include:

  • 42% of respondents report they would be most inclined to incorporate smart home technology into their home when they are making renovations or upgrades, followed next by when they buy a new home (26%) or move (25%).
  • 74% of consumers agree they would like at least some help with the installation and set-up of their smart home devices – and 52% said they would like someone to do all of the installation and set-up for them.

Which room is the heart of the smart home?

  • 40% of North Americans listed their entertainment room as the area of the home they are most excited about connecting to their smart home, followed next by their kitchen (39%) and their bedroom (34%).

Geography matters

    • Residents in the Northeast region expressed the highest level of excitement about the possibilities of the smart home. Coincidentally, this region also reported the largest number of residents who knew someone with a smart home, backing up one of the report’s main findings that seeing is believing when it comes to connected home technology.
    • One in two Midwest residents mentioned their kitchen as the one room they were most excited about connecting to their smart home.
  • Those in the South expressed the highest likelihood among regions to be interested in the connected thermostat (77%) and smart devices that would allow their irrigation systems to mind and operate themselves.  Based on the above report,  it  becomes apparent that  smart sellers  should consider  adding  summer all of the top five Smart home products  that will help  sell your home faster and for more money.

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