How to Transform Your Kitchen on a Budget

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KitchenIf you are in Fort Lauderdale and looking to redo that nasty old kitchen and make it a masterpiece within your home, there are a few things you should consider. Transforming a kitchen on a budget can be a huge task but, if you follow a few suggestions you will be enjoying that kitchen you always dreamed of soon enough.

Planning Your Space

The first step is to plan out your space. You don’t want to go into this blind with only a rough idea of what you want. Some great questions to ask yourself are you going to be able to do the work required or know someone who can, and of course, how big of a space are you looking to create? In addition, if storage is an issue in your house, adding an island can solve so many problems.

Handling Your Cupboards

When it comes to cupboards remember to bring a sketch of the area. This allows the salesperson to make the right recommendations for the layout of the area, while leaving room for windows and sinks. If you enjoy your current cupboards, a simple refinishing can make them look new again and painting them can add a simple flair to the kitchen.


Of course you will need to look at lighting your kitchen. Find a great electrician and do the entire upgrade all at once, including the new light for over the island. This way your electrician will only have to come out once, which can help you save money.

Renovations can be an exhausting process for both you and your wallet. If you plan it out however, it can be a breeze and that kitchen you always wanted is only a few weeks away. Remember, for resale value and your own love of your home, a kitchen renovation is worth it.

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