Understanding a Four Point Inspection for Insurance

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When you become a homeowner, you need to understand many new things from basic home maintenance to your homeowners’ insurance policy. Along with your insurance, you should understand what a four point inspection is, especially if you own a home that’s 30 years or older. This also goes along with bank foreclosures and many other types of properties.

A qualified inspector will be necessary and the insurance company can certainly make a recommendation for you. This inspector will look at the electrical, plumbing, roof and air conditions of the home. Those are the four points of this type of inspection.

If anything isn’t up to par, you will need to replace or repair the issues. When this is the case, you will need a qualified technician to help with the issues. Here are a few of the things an inspector will look for during a four point inspection.

  • HVAC – The exterior and interior units will be inspected for leaks, drain issues, visible corrosion, the year, make and model.
  • Plumbing – Pipes, sinks, drains and supply lines will be inspected.
  • Roof – The room will be inspected for leaks, visible signs of wear and for overall condition. The inspector will also inspect any skylights or ridge vents.
  • Electrical- All electrical items will be inspected including breakers, grounds, panels, wiring and overhead panels. This can include anything electrical and the inspector will be looking for potential defects, damages or anything that could cause a fire.

If you plan to purchase a bank foreclosure, a 30+ year home or any other home that qualifies for a four point inspection, make sure you know what you’re getting into first. Sometimes these types of properties will pass with flying colors, but other times, you may need to be prepared to sink a little cash into a few repairs.

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