Will UberX and Lyft Car Services come to Fort Lauderdale Soon?

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Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bootleggersson/9603965456Chances are, unless of course you have been sleeping under a rock, you have heard about the ride share buzz that has swept across the 305. It’s safe to say this is a serious game changer, but what exactly is it?

Both companies, UberX and Lyft, are app based car services that basically take people around the city they live in. While this is an amazing service, it’s a tad bit on the illegal side.

Either way both companies are getting their fair share of attention. So we have to wonder is the service every going to make its way to South Florida? The answer is a very sad no. At this point neither company has plans to come to the area.

UberX is currently in four cities in Florida. So why won’t they expand into Fort Lauderdale? Well here’s the deal. Both companies are already taking a bit of a gamble by offering their services in the Miami-Dade area. It’s a combination of state and local laws as well as a strong opposition from the taxi driver’s unions. Both companies have already received fines and had their vehicles impounded.

When you really think about, both companies are also missing out by not expanding into Broward and Palm Beach. These counties have big populations and both have a strong need for more transportation options.

It’s also interesting to note several of the drivers who work for these companies are from the Broward and Palm Beach areas. While we can’t say just how many there are we do know there are a lot of people from the area signing up to work for both companies. That alone should speak to the demand for a car service in the area.

As stated before, both companies currently have no plans to expand into the area. Hopefully as time goes on they will see the potential here and make that move.

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