Written Marketing Plan and Advertising Schedule

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Last article of a three part series

Selecting A Real Estate Agent

Before you make your final choice and select an real estate agent, ask the Agent to show you a written and detailed marketing plan and advertising schedule that will be used to market your home. Discuss how the following elements of the entire marketing “Team” will participate in marketing your home:

  1. Corporate Affiliated Brand, such as Sotheby’s International Realty
  2. Local Office, has the local office established a presence in the Luxury Markets? Are they a leader in local markets? One Sotheby’s International Realty is the leading and fastest growing Luxury Real Estate Office in South Florida. Recently winning awards for the Most Innovative Method of Marketing Award Luxury Real Estate presented by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. Other recent awards include the Floridian Best Real Estate Brokerage Office Award.
  3. Agent, what written assurances is the agent willing to give you stating where your home will be marketed and to what targeted Local and Global markets. Check out our site to learn “Why you should list with Us”

Comment: Since the commission that you will pay is similar if not identical, isn’t it just common sense to make your selection based on who will market your home most effectively and to the most qualified buyers both locally as well as Globally? Do not assume that all agents market the same. Equally important you should ask to see samples of the advertising that the agent, their office and the parent company will use to market your home. Your selection in the three categories mentioned above will definitively make a difference.

It’s about leveraging exposure, innovation, local and international impact to showcase your home. Our network represents to a broad audience of consumers that value the unique. To better understand the depth of our marketing dominance in the luxury markets, please take the time to view the videos and presentations found in our site. We promise that YOU will be glad you took the time.

The Kedersha Group, One Sotheby’s International Realty and Sotheby’s International Realty’s marketing strategy is all about making worldwide impressions. It’s about creating global connections and establishing true consumer engagement.

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